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Food Education


Classes for Parents

Parents have access to many programs which teach about healthy family eating and how to feed infants and toddlers.

Most of the programs include a "make and take" component, giving parents a portion of the food prepared to take home with them, along with new recipes, new friends and new skills.

 Throughout the year, we also have a variety of programs for school-aged children and parent and child together.  


 We design the classes based on what you are telling us you want to see us offer. Are you interested in sharing your skills or learning something new? Watch our calendar or speak to our staff about your ideas. 

 Preserving your own salsa
Cooking basics
Budgeting for groceries
Dealing with picky eaters
Making your own baby food
Drying herbs


Nutritional Support and Counselling

If feeding yourself or your child is a challenge, we may be able to help. For support on nutritional issues please contact:

Cathryn Fortier

Bethany Hope Centre Community Nurse


Food Share

All Families Have The Right To Healthy, Affordable Food


All families have the right to healthy, affordable food. Unfortunately, we still have families living in situations where they cannot meet all their financial obligations with the resources they have. In order to support these families while they work towards economic sustainability, we provide a Food Share Program.

How do we achieve this?

We strive to improve the well-being of young families across Ottawa through our high school completion program, economic development programs like Hope Ventures and through budgeting, home management, gardening and cooking classes.

Our Food Share Program is supported by the Ottawa Food Bank, The Salvation Army Canada and many concerned and caring local donors. We hope that some day we will not need programs like this, because everyone will have the resources to provide their families what they need through financial independence and choice.

How can I access the Food Share Program?

The Food Share Program is open every Friday at 10 am for young parents who access the programs at the Centre. It is also available one Friday of the month to any young parent in the community who requires support (whether they access other services or not).  Throughout the week, it is available on an emergency basis.

Please contact us if you are new to the program and would like more information or if you would like to donate time or resources to the program.

Contact persons:

Nourish Family Food Centre Coordinator


613-725-1733 ext 202


School Lunch Box Program

Every child deserves a healthy lunch


The Nourish Lunch Box program is designed to support access to nutritious food options and skill-building for young families with school-aged children.

The program runs weekly and provides items for lunches boxes such as fruit, veggies, cheese, meats, bread and other healthy options. Parents are invited to participate in a weekly information session that provides different ideas for lunch box items and picky eaters.

For more information about this program or to find out if your family is eligible,  contact:

crystal_gallant@can.salvationarmy.org or call 613-725-1733 ext.202

Seed to Table

Community Garden

Our community garden was inaugurated in 2014 with a small corner plot beside the playground. In 2015, it expanded along the walkway with an herb garden, strawberries and a children's garden. In 2016, through a small grant from Just Food, we were able to build 3 raised beds, which allow accessibility for those with mobility issues. Over the winter, we will continue to raise funds with the hope that next year we can add 3 more raised beds, an indoor farm wall and tower gardens for harvesting good food year round. 

Urban Gardens have many therapeutic properties and require less space than one would think. They allow the families of Bethany Hope and the surrounding community to interact with food in a new way. Seed to table is an experience many urban families have never had. Children help to plant, water and harvest crops. Parents engage with their children about what is growing; conversations about nature and healthy eating are stimulated. Families can harvest as they need it, items are added to our meal programs and food share and new cooking opportunities like canning arise.

If you are interested in supporting this program as a donor or volunteer, please contact:

Crystal Gallant


613-725-1733 ext 202


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